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Adrian Peterson Child Abuse Allegations

Adrian Peterson was criminally accused of child abuse when a Texas Grand Jury indicted him last week. Disturbing pictures were released that showed lacerations on his four-year old son’s legs. I suspect this story is gaining a lot of traction because the NFL is in…

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Broken Window Fallacy

In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, crime in New York was at an all-time high. Thousands of people in New York were literally getting murdered every year. The murder rate reached its peak in 1990 when 2,605 people were killed in New York City. Then…

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The New York Times Supports Marijuana Legalization

The New York Times announced last Sunday that it supports the legalization of marijuana. Technically, the New York Times didn’t quite say it favors outright legalization so much as it stated that the Federal prohibition against marijuana should be repealed. In any event, this is…

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The Greatest Trial Lawyer Who Ever Lived

I would urge anyone who has even a fleeting interest in criminal law or trial litigation to read a book called “Final Verdict.” The book was written by a journalist named Adela Rogers-St. Johns. Ms. St. Johns was famous for being a “girl reporter” in…

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District Attorney “Legalizes” Marijuana In Brooklyn

During the heated race for Brooklyn District Attorney, Kenneth P. Thompson said if he was elected, he would make it a policy to decline to prosecute marijuana-related arrests. Mr. Thompson won the election and now appears to be keeping his word. The New York City…

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Cannibal Cop And Conspiracy

The arrest and conviction of New York City Police Officer Gilberto Valle became an international story. Mr. Valle was accused by the federal government of conspiring with others to kidnap women so he and his co-conspirators can do all sorts of depraved things to them.…

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Prosecutors Have All The Power

If you ask a layperson who has the power to decide whether someone should go to jail or not, he may say that this particular power lies with the police. If you ask a more educated layperson the same question, he may tell you the…

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NYPD Efforts To Fight “War On Drugs” Are Misguided

When the United States decided to declare “war” on drugs like crack, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, the NYPD followed suit with the creation of narcotics units. These units would be comprised of police officers and detectives whose sole purpose was to arrest people who were…

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Why America’s Drug Laws Make No Sense

Why does a government have the moral right to take away the rights and liberties of someone who committed a crime? In other words, if it is wrong for someone to kill someone else, then why does the government have the right to kill the…

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