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Facing White-Collar Crime Charges? We Can Help.

At Konta Georges & Buza P.C., we understand that facing white-collar criminal charges can be both complex and overwhelming. The federal legal system is daunting, and the consequences of a conviction can be severe. But fear not, for you are not alone in this journey. Our highly experienced Federal White-Collar Crime Defense Lawyer is here to navigate these turbulent waters alongside you. Contact us today.

federal white-collar crime defense lawyer

What is a White-Collar Crime?

White-collar crime refers to non-violent, financially motivated crimes that are typically committed by government and business professionals. These crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and are not dependent on the application or threat of physical force or violence. Such offenses are committed to obtain money, property, or services, to avoid the payment or loss of money, or to secure personal or business advantage. Here are some common types of white-collar crimes:


  • Securities Fraud: Misrepresenting information that investors use to make decisions.
  • Insurance Fraud: Submitting false claims to obtain insurance payouts.
  • Credit Card Fraud: Unauthorized use of credit card information.
  • Mail Fraud: Encompasses schemes to defraud using postal mail.
  • Wire Fraud: Involves the use of interstate wire communications to defraud.
  • Health Care Fraud: Involves filing dishonest health care claims to turn a profit. It can be committed by either consumers or providers and often results in financial loss to the health care system or insurance companies.


Illegally transferring or misusing money or property entrusted to one’s care.

Insider Trading

Trading stocks based on non-public, material information.

Bribery and Corruption

Offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting something of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in charge.

Money Laundering

Concealing the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by transferring it through a complex sequence of banking transfers or commercial transactions.

Tax Evasion

Illegally avoiding paying taxes owed.


Crimes committed through the internet, including identity theft and internet fraud.


Organized effort to engage in illegal business transactions or obtain money through fraudulent business schemes.

Intellectual Property Theft

Stealing someone else’s intellectual property rights, such as patents, trade secrets, and copyrights.

Key Characteristics of White-Collar Crime

  • Non-Violent: These crimes typically involve deceit or theft but do not involve physical violence or threats.
  • Financial Gain: The primary motivation is typically financial gain or the avoidance of financial loss.
  • Professional Environment: They often occur within a professional or business environment and involve abuse of positions of trust.

How Can a White-Collar Crime Lawyer Help?

Navigating the intricate pathways of a white-collar criminal case can be complex and distressing. At Konta Georges & Buza P.C., we understand the critical importance of experienced legal representation during such challenging times. So, how exactly can our dedicated white-collar crime defense lawyers be of assistance?

In-Depth Case Evaluation

Our first step is conducting a comprehensive review of your case. We scrutinize every detail, explore all available evidence in internal investigations, and identify potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s claims. This meticulous approach ensures we grasp the full scope of the situation and devise a robust defense strategy tailored to your specific circumstances.

Experienced Legal Advice

Facing federal charges can often lead to confusion and anxiety. Our white-collar crime defense lawyers provide clear, concise, and experienced legal advice, ensuring you are well-informed about your rights, potential penalties, and available legal avenues. Our commitment is to empower you with knowledge and confidence throughout the legal process.

Strategic Defense Development

Every case is unique, and so is our approach to each client. Our legal team is adept at crafting bespoke defense strategies, utilizing a combination of legal experienced, tactical negotiation skills, and thorough case knowledge. We aim to either mitigate the consequences or, where possible, secure a case dismissal.

Skilled Negotiation

Plea bargains can sometimes be a viable option. Our criminal defense attorneys are seasoned negotiators, effectively liaising with federal prosecutors to secure reduced charges or penalties for our clients. We assess the merits of each case individually to determine if this route is beneficial and in line with our client’s best interests.

Trial Representation

Should your case proceed to trial, rest assured, you are in capable hands. Our federal white-collar crime lawyers are distinguished for their trial prowess, offering assertive representation, presenting compelling arguments, and challenging the prosecution’s case with rigor and precision.

Post-Trial Support

Konta Georges & Buza P.C. is committed to supporting our clients beyond the trial. If convicted, we explore avenues for appeals and work tirelessly to seek reduced sentences. Our dedication extends to ensuring that our clients are treated with fairness and dignity at every stage.

Confidential and Compassionate Service

Your privacy and dignity are paramount. We offer a confidential service, approaching each case with the utmost discretion and respect. Our federal white-collar crime attorneys are not just legal representatives but also compassionate allies, dedicated to supporting you emotionally and psychologically throughout this challenging journey.

Contact Konta Georges & Buza P.C. Today

Facing white-collar crime charges doesn’t signify the end of the road. With Konta Georges & Buza P.C. by your side, you have a team of white-collar crime defense lawyers equipped with the knowledge, skills, and dedication to strive for the most favorable outcome. Reach out to us today for a confidential consultation, and let’s embark on this journey towards legal resolution together.

What Are the Penalties for Federal White-Collar Crimes?

The penalties for federal white-collar crimes can vary significantly depending on the nature and severity of the offense, the amount of money involved, and the defendant’s criminal history. Here is an overview of the potential penalties individuals convicted of these offenses may face:

1. Incarceration

Prison Sentences: Convicted individuals can face imprisonment, often in federal prison. The duration depends on the severity and nature of the crime.
Mandatory Minimums: Some white-collar crimes have mandatory minimum sentences, meaning a convicted person must serve a specified minimum amount of time.

2. Fines

Individuals: Convicted persons can be subjected to substantial fines, sometimes amounting to millions of dollars.
Corporations: Corporations found guilty can face even larger fines, which can impact their financial stability.

3. Restitution

Compensation: Courts can order defendants to pay restitution to victims, compensating for financial losses incurred due to the crime.

4. Probation

Supervised Release: Instead of, or in addition to incarceration, offenders might be placed on probation, requiring them to comply with specific terms and conditions set by the court.

5. Asset Forfeiture

Seizure of Assets: The government can seize assets derived from or involved in the criminal activity.

6. Community Service

Required Participation: Defendants may be required to perform community service as part of their penalty.

7. Disqualification

Professional Consequences: Convicted individuals can face disqualification from holding certain offices, practicing in certain professions, or operating in specific industries.

8. Reputation Damage

Public Perception: Convictions often result in significant reputational damage, impacting personal and professional relationships and future employment opportunities.

9. Criminal Record

Permanent Record: Convictions lead to a criminal record, which can affect various aspects of life, including employment, housing, and civil liberties.

Why Choose Konta, Georges & Buza, P.C.?

In the challenging terrain of legal issues, particularly white-collar crimes, choosing the right legal partner is paramount. At Konta, Georges & Buza, P.C., we are not just lawyers; we are your dedicated allies, committed to navigating these intricate pathways with you, ensuring your rights, reputation, and future are fiercely protected. Below, we outline the compelling reasons to entrust your case to our esteemed law firm.

1. Unparalleled Experience

With years of combined experience, our attorneys are seasoned lawyers in the realm of white-collar criminal defense. We boast a deep understanding of federal laws, regulations, and the intricate workings of the judicial system.

2. Customized Legal Strategies

Every client and case is distinct, and we honor this uniqueness by crafting bespoke legal strategies. Our tailored approach ensures that we address the individual nuances and complexities of each case, enhancing the prospects of favorable outcomes.

3. Aggressive Advocacy

In the courtroom, we are tenacious advocates for our clients. Our attorneys are renowned for their ability to present compelling arguments, challenge prosecution assertions, and fervently defend your rights and interests.

4. Ethical and Compassionate Representation

We practice law with utmost integrity and ethical regard. Our clients are not just case numbers; they are valued individuals deserving of respect, dignity, and compassionate representation.

5. Comprehensive Communication

Transparency and communication are the bedrocks of our client relationships. We ensure you are consistently informed, your questions are promptly and clearly answered, and you are an integral part of the decision-making process throughout your legal journey.

6. Proven Track Record

Our history of success speaks volumes. Konta, Georges & Buza, P.C. has secured favorable verdicts, dismissals, and reduced sentences for countless clients, attesting to our capability and proficiency.

7. Access to Resources

Our firm is equipped with a wealth of resources, including expert witnesses, investigative tools, and a network of professionals, to ensure comprehensive evidence gathering, case analysis, and trial preparation.

8. Confidential Consultations

We provide confidential consultations, offering a safe, private space for clients to discuss their cases, receive experienced legal advice, and explore potential defense strategies without apprehension.

Trust Your Defense to Konta, Georges & Buza, P.C.

In the face of white-collar criminal charges, the attorney you choose becomes the frontline defense for your rights, freedom, and future. Konta, Georges & Buza, P.C. embodies the blend of experience, dedication, and personalized service essential for navigating these complex legal waters.

Contact us today and step into a partnership characterized by legal excellence, unwavering advocacy, and an unyielding commitment to your defense.

Federal White-Collar Crime FAQs

What is a white-collar crime?

White-collar crimes are non-violent offenses, typically committed by professionals or government officials, involving deceit, concealment, or breach of trust. They are financially motivated and often involve fraud, embezzlement, or corruption.

What are common types of federal white-collar crimes?

Common types include securities fraud, insider trading, embezzlement, money laundering, bribery, tax evasion, and cybercrimes.

What are the penalties for white-collar crimes?

Penalties can be severe, including imprisonment, substantial fines, restitution to victims, asset forfeiture, probation, and a permanent criminal record.

How can Konta Georges & Buza P.C. assist me if I’m charged with a white-collar crime?

We offer comprehensive legal services, including case evaluation, strategic defense development, experienced legal advice, negotiation with federal prosecutors, trial representation, post-trial support, and maintaining client confidentiality and dignity throughout the process.

When should I contact a white-collar crime defense lawyer ?

A: It’s advisable to contact a white-collar crime defense lawyer immediately upon learning about an investigation or charges against you. Early legal intervention can significantly impact the development and outcome of your case.

Can white-collar crimes be expunged from my record?

It depends on the jurisdiction and the nature of the crime. Our attorneys can evaluate your specific case and advise on the possibility of expungement or record sealing.

Will my case go to trial?

Each case is unique. While we aim to resolve cases through negotiations and plea bargains where appropriate, we are fully prepared to defend our clients vigorously in court when necessary.

How does Konta Georges & Buza P.C. develop a defense strategy?

We begin with a thorough case evaluation, analyze evidence, identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and develop a tailored defense strategy based on the individual circumstances, legal precedents, and applicable federal laws.

Can I face both civil and criminal charges?

Yes, it’s possible to face both civil and criminal charges in white-collar crime cases. Our firm is equipped to represent clients in both arenas, offering comprehensive legal defense.

What is restitution in white-collar cases?

Restitution involves compensating victims for financial losses resulting from the crime. If convicted, defendants may be ordered to pay restitution in addition to other penalties.

Need More Information? Contact Konta Georges & Buza P.C.

If your question isn’t covered in our FAQs or for personalized advice, feel free to reach out to our experienced federal white-collar crime defense attorneys at Konta Georges & Buza P.C. We are here to provide the clarity, guidance, and legal representation you need to navigate the complexities of federal white-collar crime charges.


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