Criminal Law FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers From Our New York Criminal Defense Attorneys

why does hiring the right law matter? aren’t all lawyers the same?

If you’ve been arrested or if you think your rights have been deprived. Different lawyers have different experiences and skills, which can make a significant impact on the outcome of your case. If you are in an emotionally and financially vulnerable situation and you need help. The trouble is you don’t necessarily know that the people who have the knowledge to help you are out to truly help you or whether they just want to take your money as you go down.

Many firms, including Konta Georges & Buza P.C., offer free consultations. Taking the time to meet with an attorney and decide for yourself if it is someone you feel you can trust is a very important step in planning your defense. There are many things that set our team and firm apart from others, and we can tell you more in detail during a consultation. In the end, however, only you can decide if ours is the right firm for you.

If the police want to talk to me about a crime they think i committed, should i talk to them?
But i am innocent of that crime and i have nothing to hide. what is the harm in me talking to them?
If the police want to search my home, do i have to let them or can i say no?
The police arrested me for a crime they are saying i committed against a family member, but the family member wants to “drop the charges.” does that mean the case is over?
If i get pulled over for drinking and driving and the police ask me to take chemical tests to determine whether i am intoxicated, do i need to take the tests?
I missed my last court date, what should i do?
What does mandatory minimum mean?
What are the federal sentencing guidelines?
I got arrested and was charged with possessing a dimebag of marijuana in my pocket. i thought marijuana was decriminalized in new york. why do i have a case i need to fight?
I was arrested for committing a crime, but i am innocent. do i even need a lawyer? won’t the truth prevail?
If i am convicted of a crime in new york city, will anyone know that i have a criminal record?
The da’s office is offering me an opportunity to plead guilty to a crime and they are willing to give me a sentence as low as time already served. it does not get any better than that, does it?
What does “plea bargain” mean?
What does bail actually mean?
I am being charged with possessing a loaded firearm in new york, but i am from another state and my firearm is licensed in that state. why am i being charged with that crime?
If i get pulled over by the police and they want to search my car, do i have to let them?
I was given a “desk appearance ticket.” how is that different than being arrested and do i still need a lawyer?
What does “false arrest” mean?
What does “excessive force” mean?
Will i prevail if i sue for my rights being deprived?
How much time do i have to file a civil rights lawsuit after the incident initially occurred?
The police arrested me and now the da’s office is prosecuting me for a crime based on the word of one person alone. how can that happen?


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