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Presenting Your Side Of The Story In A Self-Defense Case

Everyone has the right to defend themselves, others and sometimes even property from harm by using force in return for aggression. However, countless people across the country each year are accused of a violent crime when they were just acting in self-defense. Do not let yourself be lambasted by the public and convicted for a violent act when the truth is you were well in your right to protect yourself from violence initiated by another.

At Konta Georges & Buza P.C., our criminal defense team is considered by locals as the go-to name in self-defense cases throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Our partners share decades of trial experience that they will leverage for you. Throughout our lawyers’ years of practice, they have compiled an impressive record of self-defense case results ending in acquittals.

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What Does New York Law Say About Self-Defense?

The Constitution of the United States guarantees your right to happiness and health, free from the aggressions of attackers and criminals. Each state makes its own interpretations, extensions and addendums to this constitutional right, though.

In New York, you are permitted to use force in self-defense:

  • If force will prevent immediate injury in an emergency situation.
  • If force to protect oneself, others and premises from violent criminal acts, including larceny.
  • If you are a physician who must use physical force to complete the necessary treatment.
  • If you are authorized by law to use force to restrain others or complete an official duty.

The key to New York’s stance on self-defense is an interpretation of reasonableness. Any person can use physical force to protect themselves or a third party if they reasonably believe unlawful harm will imminently occur if not prevented. Judging reasonableness and the decision to act on it, especially in a dangerous situation, is largely up to discretion.

Our attorneys excel at presenting our clients’ version of events to the court in a way that shows they, in the moment of the attack or incident, had reason to believe as a reasonable person they were in immediate danger due to the aggression of another.

Other Key Elements Of New York Self-Defense Laws

In New York, the “castle doctrine” allows you to use violent, potentially deadly force to protect yourself while you are in your home. While you must still have reason to believe an intruder or attacker intends to cause you or another harm before acting in self-defense, the legal hurdles to prove your actions are justified and noncriminal are much lower when the castle doctrine applies.

It is also important to know that the castle doctrine does not require you to make any attempt to retreat from a threat while you are in your home. You can decide to react first with physical force if you reasonably believe it is the right choice to preserve your health or that of others.

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Our criminal defense law firm has been able to successfully handle thousands of cases throughout the years. There is nothing the prosecution and state can throw at our legal team to catch us off-guard. Your rights and future will be in good, trusted hands when you let us represent you for your self-defense case.

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