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Just like with federal law, New York has a set of conspiracy laws that can carry significant penalties. Therefore it is vital that you contact a seasoned criminal defense attorney if you are the subject of a conspiracy accusation.

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New York’s Conspiracy Laws

The New York conspiracy laws are codified in penal code Article 105. Under New York law, a person is guilty of the most basic form of “conspiracy” when “with the intent that the conduct constituting a crime be performed, he or she agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct.”

Just like with federal conspiracy laws, if the government is accusing someone of a conspiracy, it must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that one of the conspirators committed an “overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy.”

Conspiracy Overview

  • Conspiracy, in its most basic form, is conspiracy in the sixth degree, which is a class B misdemeanor. A class B misdemeanor is punishable by up to 90 days in jail. However, as you add aggravating factors, you can increase the level of conspiracy and applicable sanctions can become significantly more severe.
  • A person is guilty of conspiracy in the first degree when an individual over the age of 18 enlists two or more people under the age of 16 to commit a felony. An example of conspiracy would be a situation in which two people make an agreement to murder someone and someone engages in at least one overt act to carry out this plan. A person convicted of conspiracy in the first degree can receive a life sentence.
  • If the criminal acts in a conspiracy include a class B or C felony, then it would be classified as a conspiracy in the third degree, which is a class C felony. For example, if two people make an agreement to commit a second-degree robbery, which is a class C felony, then they are committing third-degree conspiracy, a class C felony. Obviously, if the robbery is completed, then they’d be guilty of that robbery as well as the conspiracy to commit it.

The basic gist of the way the law works in New York courts is the degree of conspiracy increases as the severity of the underlying conduct increases.

Aggressive Prosecution Calls For Aggressive Defense

Just like U.S. Attorney Offices throughout the county, New York state prosecutors are aggressively pursuing conspiracy charges. Conspiracy accusations have the potential to be very serious. You can depend on us to leverage our significant experience in the intricate laws of conspiracy when we take your case.

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