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Skilled Defense Against Violent Offenses From Former Prosecutors

Crimes that are classified as “violent” are among the most serious in New York, and they carry the stiffest punishments. It is almost impossible to defend yourself from these charges without a highly experienced and dedicated Manhattan violent crimes defense lawyer.

At the Konta Georges & Buza P.C., attorneys at our firm are former prosecutors who know how the other side strategizes. We leverage this inside knowledge to help you determine the most effective approach for your case. When you are facing a life-changing criminal matter in any of New York City’s boroughs, you need an aggressive advocate to combat the charges.

Our team is prepared to help you figure out the next best steps for your case. Contact us online to reach a qualified criminal defense lawyer.

What You Need To Know About The Law On Violent Offenses In New York

The difference between what is classified as violent crime and nonviolent is significant because the potential prison sentences for violent crimes are significantly greater. Moreover, most prison time in New York for violent crime is “determinate.” That means the judge sets the sentence in fixed years and the person who is convicted must serve that time. In very serious instances, however, the prison sentence is indeterminate because the person can spend the rest of their life in prison.

There are two ways to categorize which crimes are considered “violent.” The first way is to follow the FBI’s definition, which considers four types of crimes to be “violent”:

Although the FBI keeps track of all the violent crimes that occur in the country, they are not tasked with assisting in most of the subsequent investigations. That job is left to the local and state governments. While New York maintains the FBI’s list of violent crimes, the state also has its own additions:

  • Arson
  • Felony or misdemeanor assault
  • Murder, manslaughter or homicide
  • Burglary and robbery crimes
  • Kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment
  • Strangulation using hands or any other objects
  • Weapon possession crimes, including deadly weapons

Your Lawyer Needs To Establish Doubt

The standard of proof to convict someone of a crime is “beyond a reasonable doubt.” This is the highest standard of proof that exists in the United States. It essentially means that even if a jury thinks the person probably committed the crime, they must still find the person not guilty if they have an honest doubt about the person’s guilt.

It is not rare for the NYPD to aggressively push to make an arrest so they can close out the case. At that point, the case becomes the DA’s Office’s problem. The danger in these situations is that the NYPD, in their aggressive haste to make an arrest, often makes mistakes and the wrong people are arrested for crimes they did not commit. When this happens, only a lawyer who is familiar with the court systems and the common mistakes made by police can help.

Our attorneys know how to navigate the criminal process, identify flaws in the prosecution’s case and obtain favorable results. We will explore all available options to secure the best outcome for you.

Don’t Fight These Charges Alone

Our criminal defense team has unique knowledge not only in the post-arrest litigation phase of a case but also in the prearrest and preindictment investigation phase. Our lawyers have an exceptional record of success in thousands of cases. They will use their unique experience to give you the vigorous defense you deserve.

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