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The Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act was passed in 1970, it was designed to combat organized crime in the United States. No single law was more effective in eviscerating criminal syndicates throughout the country. Because RICO was so successful in prosecuting organized crime, many states passed their own laws mirroring the federal statute.

The enterprise corruption law is New York’s answer to the Federal RICO Act. If you or a loved one is accused of enterprise corruption, it is critical to speak to a skilled attorney immediately. At Konta Georges & Buza P.C., our criminal defense team is deeply familiar with this law and successful strategies for challenging against similar charges.

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What Is Enterprise Corruption Law?

Enterprise corruption is codified in the New York Penal Code Article § 460.20. An individual is guilty of enterprise corruption if they have actively participated or knew of criminal activity within an organization.

Moreover when an individual:

  • Intentionally conducts or participates in the affairs of an enterprise by participating in a pattern of criminal activity
  • Intentionally acquires or maintains any interest in or control of an enterprise by participating in a pattern of criminal activity
  • Participates in a pattern of criminal activity and knowingly invests any proceeds derived from that conduct or any proceeds derived from the investment or use of any those proceeds, in an enterprise

What Is A Criminal Enterprise?

Under New York law, a criminal enterprise means a group of people sharing a common purpose of engaging in criminal conduct, associated in an ascertainable structure distinct from a pattern of criminal activity, and with a continuity of existence, structure and criminal purpose beyond the scope of individual criminal incidents.

A criminal enterprise exists when two or more individuals, all sharing a common purpose of engaging in criminal conduct, come together and become associated in a group that has a defined structure, a continuing existence and a criminal purpose that extends beyond the committing of an individual criminal act.

Aggravated Enterprise Corruption

A person is guilty of aggravated enterprise corruption, as defined by Penal Code Section460.22, when they commit the crime of enterprise corruption, as it is defined above, and when two or more of their criminal activities are class A or class B felonies.

At least one of the following stipulations are also required:

  • At least two of the acts are defined as “armed felonies” under New York Law
  • At least one of the acts is defined as an “armed felony” and at least one of the acts is the Criminal Purchase of Disposal of a Firearm
  • One act is a class B violent felony and two acts are Criminal Purchase or Disposal of a Firearm

Both enterprise corruption and aggravated enterprise corruption are among the most serious laws in the Penal Code. The charges are almost always brought in conjunction with other serious charges.

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