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The Right To Self-defense In New York

When it comes to certain rights to self-defense, New York has some different requirements than the majority of states. Though discussions about changing this often occur, so far it remains the law in the state. A better understanding of state laws can help individuals stay…

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Does New York Have The Death Penalty?

New York does not have the death penalty. But its history with this form of punishment has been a roller coaster. The controversy over the death penalty began in the 1860s when the legislature accidentally outlawed it. They were trying to ban the practice of…

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Is Eyewitness Testimony Always Reliable?

When someone faces a criminal accusation, prosecutors may use eyewitness testimony to get a conviction. A common belief is that if someone saw something happen, it must be true. However, the reliability of eyewitness testimony is much more complicated than that. Understanding the impact of…

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Your Career After White-collar Crime

White-collar crime can have widespread effects on your life including your personal relationships and your professional reputation. Depending on your level of involvement, your career may never be the same. You might desire to return to the workforce after satisfying any legal repercussions. Although your…

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What Are The Two Degrees For Falsifying Business Records?

The New York penal code list two degrees for the crime of falsifying business records. One is a class A misdemeanor, and the other is a class E felony. What are the differences between the two and what sort of defense can someone accused of…

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Can You Keep Financial Aid After A Drug Conviction?

If you are a college student who is facing criminal charges for possessing or distributing a controlled substance, there are many reasons to mount an aggressive defense. After all, in addition to serious legal consequences, you may encounter academic discipline. You may even lose your…

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How Can You Defend Yourself Against Extortion Charges?

Extortion, whether it is monetary, electronic or cyber extortion, happens all the time. While extortion is a felony in all 50 states, it can also be tried as a federal crime if it is executed via wireless communication including texts and emails, or it illegally…

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Info About Murder Charges In New York

Murder charges carry very serious penalties, including time in prison. Anyone who’s facing this type of criminal charge should ensure they’re doing everything possible to enhance their defense strategy. These options should be explored as early in the case as possible. First degree murder, which…

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The Big Risks You Take When You Choose A Public Defender

As someone arrested by the police and accused of a criminal offense, you have the right to defend yourself. Not only does that mean you have the right to go to court and plead not guilty, but you also have the right to an attorney.…

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