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What Is Bankruptcy Fraud?

Have you ever wondered what bankruptcy fraud is and how it can impact individuals and businesses? Bankruptcy fraud is a serious offense that can result in severe penalties. To fully understand what bankruptcy fraud is and how to avoid it, it's important to educate yourself…

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What to do if police show up at your home with a search warrant

If the police arrive at your door with a search warrant, you might feel stressed and intimidated. You may find yourself questioning your rights, your responsibilities and the right course of action. Knowing the process and your role in it will help you handle this…

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The Punishments For A Forgery Conviction In New York

Forgery is a severe crime in New York. It involves creating, modifying or endorsing written documents falsely intending to defraud. The act of forging signatures on checks or creating counterfeit identification documents can lead to forgery charges. The penalties for a forgery conviction in New…

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The Consequences Of Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is a serious crime in the United States, involving the use of the postal system to commit fraudulent acts. This crime can encompass a wide range of activities, from simple scams to complex fraud schemes. Understanding the punishments for mail fraud can shed…

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Penalties Associated With Anti-kickback Statute Violations

When you work in the medical field in New York, you agree to maintain a certain degree of ethics and “do no harm” to others. There are many laws in place that seek to keep physicians and other medical professionals in check, and one such…

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Potential Homeowners Could Commit Fraud In Their Eagerness To Buy

Most people old enough to want to purchase a home or secure a mortgage will remember that not that long ago, major banks and mortgage lenders were happy to extend financing on very expensive homes to people with no provable income or assets that could…

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Some New York White Collar Crimes Are Purely Accidental

Making mistakes is an unfortunate and unavoidable part of the corporate world. Mistakes can teach us better ways to operate our careers and businesses, but they can also destroy a company’s reputation and success. When an entrepreneur unknowingly makes mistakes that blur the line between…

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White Collar Crime In 2020: The Hot Topics

A few years ago, federal authorities seemed to be heavily investigating pharmacies, pain clinics and individual doctors for signs of Medicare fraud and assorted drug crimes. Now, the focus has shifted once again. Going into 2020 and beyond, you can generally expect prosecutorial efforts to…

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