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Konta Georges & Buza P.C. is a highly aggressive trio of experienced trial attorneys, who have a strong reputation of being elite and skilled litigators. We have successfully represented clients facing a wide range of criminal charges, along with those who have been accidentally injured and New Yorkers who have been a victim of police misconduct, excessive force or have been falsely arrested.

We are proud New Yorkers – here to fight for our client’s vindication and justice.

Although past results are no guarantee of future ones, we have extensive experience and significant case results in all of our areas of practice.

For a list of our past significant accomplishments, please click these links:

Our Manhattan based law firm is well suited to represent our client’s needs. As former NY City Prosecutors, we know how they will build their case against you. Our hyper focused and meticulous attention to detail has been critical in helping our clients get the maximum money damages for their case.
We have a track-record of winning jury trials and getting cases dismissed.
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