What Injuries Come From Dooring?

May 24 2023

Bicyclists have numerous dangers to keep an eye out for when traversing on busy roads. However, many do not suspect they also need to watch out for parked cars.

However, parked cars are the source of the phenomenon called “dooring”, which is more dangerous than a bicyclist may think.

Defining dooring

We Love Cycling discusses the dangers of dooring. But first and foremost: what is dooring in the first place?

Dooring essentially involves a driver or passenger of a parked car opening the car door into the path of a bicyclist (or pedestrian) without looking first. This creates an immediate surprise obstacle for the cyclist, who often does not have time to dodge or get out of the way before hitting the open door.

Common dooring injuries

Impact injuries such as bruises and broken or sprained bones often happen as a result of dooring. Of course, the severity and type of injury depend on many factors, including how fast a cyclist was moving and where they hit the door.

Head injuries are not uncommon either. This may happen if a cyclist ends up launched over the door due to the force of the hit, which happens somewhat frequently.

Finally and most severely, worse injuries and even fatalities may occur if the cyclist ends up knocked into traffic. In some cases, a cyclist may swerve without thinking into the road beside them. In others, the force of the hit may send them sprawling off of their bike and into the road.

In either case, landing on a busy street with cars is a one-way ticket to a hospital visit for many.

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