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How Can a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Help Me?

Navigating the Storm: The Crucial Role of a Drug Crime Defense Lawyer in Your Corner When you're caught in the tempest of drug charges, every decision and action can significantly impact your future. It's a time filled with uncertainty and anxiety, where the right legal…

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New York Penalties For The Possession Of Heroin

Possessing illegal drugs, such as heroin, can result in severe legal consequences. If the police discover heroin in your possession in New York, you may face criminal charges and the possibility of going to jail. Consider the legal implications and potential penalties if the police…

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Which Medicines Can Create False Positives For Drugs?

A conviction on drug charges is a serious matter since a prison sentence can cost you your personal freedom for a long time. So it is crucial to know if evidence against you might not be accurate. Sometimes a drug test creates a false positive.…

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Penalties Associated With Federal Drug Trafficking Convictions

While a state-level drug conviction in New York may lead to serious penalties, the consequences typically become even more severe if you wind up receiving a conviction for trafficking drugs at the federal level. The penalties you might face, if convicted, tend to vary based…

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What Are Clandestine And Designer Drugs?

As the war in America continues to rage on against drugs and the epidemics related to narcotics, clandestine pulls and designer drugs, it is more important than ever to understand what these things are and what penalties tie to them. While some may believe that…

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The Changing Landscape Of Drug Laws In New York

From time to time, state officials and lawmakers revisit the legality of drug use in light of changing attitudes in society. In recent years in New York, most of the action concerns marijuana usage and sales. The new landscape of drug laws took a firmer…

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Bringing Weed Back From Your Vacation Could Be A Federal Crime

New York has relaxed its laws about marijuana at the same time that many other states have taken much more drastic steps to reform marijuana policy. Given that New York does not have a legal market for marijuana, which means that you can’t just order…

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New York Expunges Marijuana Convictions

New York is one of several states to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the news back in 2019, highlighting how the previous strict marijuana laws unfairly criminalized many people, and put them in jail, especially those in the…

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How Long Can Meth Be Detected In Someone’s System?

Those who use methamphetamine, or meth, tend to experience the impact of the drug very quickly. The “high” will usually last for a few hours — up to eight — and they may have some residual effects for four hours after that. Of course, it…

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