What Are Clandestine And Designer Drugs?

May 17 2022

As the war in America continues to rage on against drugs and the epidemics related to narcotics, clandestine pulls and designer drugs, it is more important than ever to understand what these things are and what penalties tie to them.

While some may believe that certain types of drugs are less of legal risk or even less dangerous to the body, that is not the case.

Defining clandestine and designer drugs

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration looks at clandestine pills and laboratories. These are unauthorized and illegal facilities that will produce pills designed to mimic actual legal medication. However, the contents of the pills will have controlled substances mixed into them.

This poses a major health hazard to average citizens who might mistake clandestine drugs for the actual medication they look like.

Designer drugs often go by relatively innocuous names such as bath salts. They are psychoactive substances designed in labs to avoid detection in standard drug tests or to avoid the classification as controlled, i.e. illegal, substances. However, the creators will design them in a way that keeps the original effects of the drugs intact.

The risks and penalties

These are dangerous – as are clandestine pills – because no one knows what gets mixed into the final product except for the people making the drugs. They could end up cut and laced with much more than the drug people think they get.

On top of that, the penalty for possession of these drugs is just as high as it would be for regular controlled substances, or sometimes even higher. Even people who do not know the extent of the drugs they handle could face serious time in jail and fines, making this a truly serious crime.

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