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What to do if police show up at your home with a search warrant

If the police arrive at your door with a search warrant, you might feel stressed and intimidated. You may find yourself questioning your rights, your responsibilities and the right course of action. Knowing the process and your role in it will help you handle this…

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The Punishments For A Forgery Conviction In New York

Forgery is a severe crime in New York. It involves creating, modifying or endorsing written documents falsely intending to defraud. The act of forging signatures on checks or creating counterfeit identification documents can lead to forgery charges. The penalties for a forgery conviction in New…

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New York Penalties For The Possession Of Heroin

Possessing illegal drugs, such as heroin, can result in severe legal consequences. If the police discover heroin in your possession in New York, you may face criminal charges and the possibility of going to jail. Consider the legal implications and potential penalties if the police…

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The Consequences Of Mail Fraud

Mail fraud is a serious crime in the United States, involving the use of the postal system to commit fraudulent acts. This crime can encompass a wide range of activities, from simple scams to complex fraud schemes. Understanding the punishments for mail fraud can shed…

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What Injuries Come From Dooring?

Bicyclists have numerous dangers to keep an eye out for when traversing on busy roads. However, many do not suspect they also need to watch out for parked cars. However, parked cars are the source of the phenomenon called “dooring”, which is more dangerous than…

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Violent Crime Increases Slightly In New York

Violent offenses carry strong penalties in the state of New York and can lead to suffering for all parties. As a result of many complicated factors, violent crimes increase and decrease over time. When looking at New York City’s violent crimes in January 2022 and…

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Which Medicines Can Create False Positives For Drugs?

A conviction on drug charges is a serious matter since a prison sentence can cost you your personal freedom for a long time. So it is crucial to know if evidence against you might not be accurate. Sometimes a drug test creates a false positive.…

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Eyewitness Identifications Are Often Inaccurate

When you are facing a New York criminal charge, certain types of evidence against you may carry more weight than others. For instance, many judges and juries place considerable stock in eyewitness accounts, considering them to be highly convincing. Yet, history has proven that eyewitness…

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Why Is Insider Trading Such A Big Deal?

Diving into the market can prove massively intimidating at first. Between buying, selling, trading and more, it might feel possible to make a misstep at any turn. This is why it is important to know the legal repercussions you could face for some of these…

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