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The Bigger The Car, The Bigger The Risk For Cyclists, Pedestrians

Automotive trends come and go, but signs suggest that America’s penchant for large vehicles is here to stay. The sales of large vehicles such as trucks and SUVs have outpaced the sales of smaller cars since 2002, and the number of pedestrians and cyclists losing…

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Penalties Associated With Anti-kickback Statute Violations

When you work in the medical field in New York, you agree to maintain a certain degree of ethics and “do no harm” to others. There are many laws in place that seek to keep physicians and other medical professionals in check, and one such…

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How Plea-bargaining Works In A Federal Case

When you face a federal criminal charge, quite a bit hangs in the balance. Federal offenses are typically quite serious in nature, and while the penalties associated with a federal offense vary, you may have to serve time and pay hefty fines, among other potential…

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Study Shows Teen Motorists Prone To Texting, Speeding

It takes time and practice to be able to drive safely on New York’s roadways, and many teenage drivers have limited experience behind the wheel. While this, alone, raises accident risks for everyone they encounter, many teenagers also admit to engaging in dangerous driving behaviors…

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Penalties Associated With Federal Drug Trafficking Convictions

While a state-level drug conviction in New York may lead to serious penalties, the consequences typically become even more severe if you wind up receiving a conviction for trafficking drugs at the federal level. The penalties you might face, if convicted, tend to vary based…

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The Right To Self-defense In New York

When it comes to certain rights to self-defense, New York has some different requirements than the majority of states. Though discussions about changing this often occur, so far it remains the law in the state. A better understanding of state laws can help individuals stay…

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Does New York Have The Death Penalty?

New York does not have the death penalty. But its history with this form of punishment has been a roller coaster. The controversy over the death penalty began in the 1860s when the legislature accidentally outlawed it. They were trying to ban the practice of…

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Falls Cause More Than 95% Of Hip Fractures

When you suffer a hip fracture in New York, you may find that it interferes with most areas of your life. It is a serious injury that has the potential to make it difficult for you to work, earn a living or even get around,…

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Is Eyewitness Testimony Always Reliable?

When someone faces a criminal accusation, prosecutors may use eyewitness testimony to get a conviction. A common belief is that if someone saw something happen, it must be true. However, the reliability of eyewitness testimony is much more complicated than that. Understanding the impact of…

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