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How Safe Are Electric Scooter Rentals?

If you have noticed more electric scooters in New York City lately, you are seeing the results of a Department of Transportation effort to decrease congestion. In fact, according to a company press release, Lime recently positioned 1,000 more shared scooters in the city for…

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Who Is To Blame For Your E-bike Injuries?

Because of New York’s notoriously congested roadways, you can save a great deal of time during your commute by jumping on your e-bike. E-bikes have become exceedingly popular in recent years. In fact, according to reporting from Bloomberg, more Americans are buying e-bikes than electric…

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Can You Sue An Officer For Violating Your Miranda Rights?

In 1966, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its landmark decision in Miranda v. Arizona. The decision made clear that members of law enforcement must advise suspects of their Constitutional rights. Furthermore, officers must tell suspects about the potential consequences of talking to them. While…

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How Is a TBI Treated?

A serious car accident can cause a wide range of significant injuries. Traumatic brain injury is often the most serious consequence of all, as it can have a lasting impact on your life in numerous ways. It is important to receive immediate medical care after…

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What Are Clandestine And Designer Drugs?

As the war in America continues to rage on against drugs and the epidemics related to narcotics, clandestine pulls and designer drugs, it is more important than ever to understand what these things are and what penalties tie to them. While some may believe that…

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Crashed Using A Rideshare App? Now What?

Their convenience, cost-effectiveness and other benefits have contributed to the ever-growing popularity of rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft. Despite the safety improvements these services have brought to traffic in the cities in which they operate, accidents still sometimes occur. When passengers suffer injuries…

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Suing The Police Just Became A Bit Easier

A New York man was living with his wife, newborn baby and sister-in-law. The sister-in-law had a history of mental illness, which was likely responsible for a 911 call she made. During the call, the sister-in-law claimed the man was abusing his child. Emergency medical…

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A New Era For Cryptocurrency?

Once considered obscure and something on the financial “fringes,” cryptocurrency has grown in prominence. The controversial monetary system has its supporters and detractors. Prominence has a price. U.S. President Joe Biden issued an executive order for government officials to analyze the risks versus the benefits…

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Spinal Cord Injury Costs

Spinal cord injuries involve a lot of action right after people sustain them. They result from serious accidents, commonly auto accidents and slips or falls. The first few days most likely involve a trip to the emergency room, immediate surgery and a long hospital stay.…

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