Gain An Advantage By Hiring From The Former Prosecution Pool

Dec 03 2019

You’re heading to trial, and the prosecutor is likely busy building a case against you right now. You may be wishing you could see into their head as you form your game plan, and there might just be a way.

Prosecutors close millions of cases every year. Having a window into that side of your proceedings can change the course of your case. And the best way in may be to hire someone who’s been there before.

Prosecuting perks

The benefits of hiring someone who’s been a prosecutor:

  • Insight: Knowing how the prosecution ticks can go a long way in your case. Knowing what the prosecution looks for in compiling evidence, how they build their case and what angles they’ll attack from can make the difference when you’ve got a trial looming.
  • Experience: Knowing the answers before you start can go a long way, but it may not matter if you don’t know what to do with all that leverage. Getting someone who has seen both sides of the courtroom, and has seen loads of cases play out can give you the advantage of foresight.
  • Relationships: Understanding what judges are looking for and where attorneys look for footholds can be priceless information when it comes to your trial. Knowing what works, and how to address certain cases in specific courtrooms can really work in your favor.

Enlisting the help of someone who knows the system from all angles could mean a better outcome. Get a look at the prosecution’s plan before they ever present by hiring a lawyer who’s been in their shoes.

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