Gun Crimes Rise In New York City Despite Anti-violence Tactics

Nov 25 2020

Violent offenses have to be taken seriously because New York’s laws are strict. You may have heard that shootings in New York City have increased despite the fact that other serious crime arrests have fallen, and that’s something that you should pay attention to.

Officers in the state have been trying new “anti-violence” tactics, but shootings still continue to happen, and they’re happening more often than before. If you’re someone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, then it could be you who is accused of shooting someone else or contributing to a violent crime.

By July of 2020, shootings in the city rose by 66.8% compared to the same time the year before. There may be dozens of reasons for the increase, such as the economy’s weakness or the stay-at-home orders in the city, but the reality is that they are happening too often.

Sometimes, shootings are defensive. That’s something that you may be familiar with if you had to shoot someone who was attacking you, threatening you or even trying to shoot you themselves. Sometimes, shooting someone is done out of necessity, which is when you need a strong defense.

What do you have to do if you’re accused of gun violence?

If you are accused of gun violence but were protecting yourself or weren’t actually involved in an incident, the best thing you can do for yourself is to mount a strong legal defense. If you were falsely accused of a crime or were only defending yourself in a violent crime, then it’s worth your time to talk to your attorney about defending yourself. You deserve to have your side of what happened heard.

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