New York Has Strict Gun Laws

Jul 23 2020

In some states, you can buy many firearms simply by walking into a sporting goods store and picking out what you want. They may or may not require you to have a license or a permit for the gun. It feels very easy to buy firearms, transport them, sell them and all the rest.

Not so in New York. The laws in the city are notoriously strict. Ramifications for breaking these laws are harsh. If you have moved here from somewhere else and you’re thinking of buying or possessing a firearm, be sure you know the differences.

For instance, you need a license for a rifle, a shotgun or a handgun. It costs $340 if you want to buy a handgun, but it is $200 less if you want to get a long gun. In both cases, you have to get your fingerprints taken, and this costs $90.

When you apply for the license, you need to go through an interview process, provide any documents relating to a criminal record, provide two photographs, bring your Social Security card, offer proof of where you live and show them your driver’s license. You may be asked for other things to back this up, like a utility bills or your income tax paperwork.

By no means are these all of the requirements that you need to know about, but they help to show you how different things can be if you’re from a state where they don’t run background checks or ask for so much paperwork. If you do violate any of these rules and find yourself facing serious charges, then you must also know your legal defense options.

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