Why Do You Need A Skilled Attorney Rather Than A Public Defender?

Aug 05 2020

Allegations of serious criminal wrongdoing, such as those pertaining to drug offenses, violent crimes, and fraud, can throw nearly every aspect of your life into jeopardy. If you’re convicted, you might end up facing jail or prison time that lasts for years or even decades. Your reputation can be damaged, too, while you struggle to find a way to pay off court-imposed fines. A criminal conviction can mar your record so that, even if you pay your debt to society, you might struggle to secure meaningful employment, housing, and even an education.

It’s understandable if the thought of what’s on the line frightens you. But don’t let it paralyze you into inaction. Far too often those who are accused of these serious criminal offenses don’t know what to do, so they rely on a public defender to help steer their criminal defense. This can be a huge mistake. Here’s why you need to consider hiring a skilled attorney rather than relying on a court-appointed public defender.


Sure, there are some public defenders who are experienced, but a lot of them are fresh out of law school with very little trial experience. As a result, if you want to fight for dismissal or acquittal, you could be leaving your freedom and your future in the hands of someone who has seen only a handful of trial through to the end. This can leave your case exposed to evidentiary issues, deficient legal strategies, and a misunderstanding of jury expectations.

Personalized attention

It’s no secret that most public defenders are overwhelmed by their caseload. This means they have less time to devote to each case, including yours. This can lead to inadequate trial preparation and a drive to resolve cases, which might not be in your best interests. With a skilled private attorney, you’re more likely to received the personalized attention and custom-tailored approach to criminal defense that you and your case deserve. This can maximize your chances of achieving a successful outcome.

Track record of success

Public defenders win cases, sure. But they are driven to resolve cases to maintain their caseload. A skilled private attorney on the other hand, is results-driven. And you can see that when you researched a skilled attorney’s profile. They are often recognized as outstanding trial lawyers and rising stars in their field. They are recognized not for merely resolving cases, but for pushing for success. You need someone like this in your corner when going up against aggressive prosecutors.

Knowledge of prosecutorial tactics

Most public defenders have a working knowledge as to how prosecutors build their cases, but some of the best private attorneys were once prosecutors. These legal professionals are well-adept at identifying prosecutorial strategies and weaknesses and exploiting those weaknesses to their benefit. They know how prosecutors think and can therefore provide valuable insight into your case that you might not otherwise get from a public defender.

These are just some of the major benefits of foregoing a public defender in favor of a skilled private criminal defense attorney. Choosing legal representation is of paramount importance to your case, as two attorneys can achieve completely different outcomes when handling the same facts. So, if you’re looking for a criminal defense attorney to help you fight your charges, do your research and be sure to pick a legal advocate who is right for you.

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